Resurrection Therapy

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Psychic ·  Channel  ·  Bodyworker  ·  Healer

Ressurection Therapy

  • Awaken Spirituality

  • Balance Emotions

  • Clear Trauma/Stress

  • Increase Mental Clarity

  • Enjoy Sexual Well Being

  • Create Fulfilling Relations

  • Activate Financial Freedom

Individual ·  Group · In Person ·  By Phone · In Call/Out Call

Cell  (513) 289-3930

Watch Barry Helm practicing AURA HEALING on You Tube    

 Astrologer , Author, Counselor


Self-Discovery Workbooks in Astrology  for 


A site for enlightenment including dream interpretation tutorials, an online dream dictionary, dream readings, spiritual counseling and spiritual articles.

Spiritual Response Therapy

Experience profound healing through Spiritual Response Therapy! Discover the remarkable freedom from anxiety and stress. At last, higher quality of life and relationships, risk free!

Amphora Aromatics Retail

Amphora Aromatics Ltd are one of the UK’s largest supplier's of essential oils, organic essential oils, absolutes, vegetable oils, essential oil roll-ons, fragrances, floral waters, carrier oils, empty bottles, aromatherapy boxes, aromatherapy soaps, aromatherapy creams, aromatherapy gels, aromatherapy balms as well as children's aromatherapy products containing essential oils, travel products containing essential oils, bath bombes containing essential oils, essential oil perfumes, aromatherapy massage oils, aromatherapy bath oils, aromatherapy body lotions, deodorant stones, body care brushes and loofahs, fragrancers, incense, aromatherapy candles, henna, vitamin and Mineral supplements and books. We also stock the Edom Dead Sea Minerals range and Montagne Jeunesse, sachets. You can place orders by post, by phone or by using our secure express on-line ordering facility, and your order will be delivered directly to your door.

 pH Balance

 Vibrant health starts with the right acid-alkaline balance in your body. Alkaline supplements, alkaline water, green drinks, articles, recipes and more.   A Resource Directory

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music,  positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

 Natural Touch Aromatherapy

 100% Pure, independently tested, essential oils. Worldwide shipping available. Natural Touch Aromatherapy specializes in the supply of carefully prepared pure essential oils, carrier oils, absolutes, hydrolats and a wide range of Aromatherapy products and base lotions. They supply a full range of bottles, containers, aromatherapy kits and oil accessories to compliment our oils. Shipping worldwide. Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) member.
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