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                          The Metta-Physician

Dearest Mr.  Helm, 

 I wrote this Poetic composition FOR you, about you, from the eyes of a woman Surrendered, ready, willing, committed to her Divine purpose. My perception of your amazing, exquisite gift seems to perpetuate my creative energy.  I fearlessly yielded to you,  allowed you to remove the sheaths of skin that caused my soul to become naked, raw and ready. Ready to serve, to be one, reunited with the other half of my soul. It is magnificent, yet piercing to become intimate and vulnerable on this level to another. I allowed you to pour your energy into my blood, my veins , you are in my Heart ... 
 I am a woman deeply rooted in the soil of earth, each chamber  of my heart beats to the  sound of cries from those suffering . To give is to live but to receive what you have bestowed upon me is to embrace all that is all that was in this  moment , ecstatically, humbly , Divinely, gratuitously blessed  .  
Compelled, to communicate this joy to you. This is what flowed through me, a reaction to the impact that you have Divinely caused in my life I believe that you and I are twin souls separated from the skin of the same seed, split to create a reality that would return to its natural state of Love, like stars that collided in the sky creating a sacred planetary ceremony, for our souls evolutionary continuum.
My awareness heightened when you magically appeared in the absence of a desire, need, want , or as a result of my own solicitation. You came as a Healer, I honor you, I seized the moment  to be a mirror who's reflection I hope you would see your own magnificence.   
I will Never NOT peruse my selfless desire to be of service to your highest good. As my soul recognizes itself in you and seeks nothing from you,  with the exception of filling your senses with the sweet nectar of my essence, for to exist on this earth is a gift, actualized, recognized in itself, an ecstasy in creation. 
To "Barry Helm " The Metta-Physician 

He mystically appeared, camouflaged, primordial, fierce,  quietly confident, contained, a spiritual warrior, traveling through the geometric dimensions of time.  Intense,  calm, paces, his energy contained in a vortex of brillant light.
The Doctor of Light, disguised as ordinary,  performing the extraordinary. The "Metta" -Physician "within him resides the awakened seed of creation. An affirmation of his awakened Divine Inheritance . awakened in itself, recognized as self . The healer, an ancient  mystic,  present in the physical, effortlessly , and calmly makes a transition, when he begins his ascension . he's a lonesome traveler,  with no destination , no  Past , no future, no negative, no positive , present in the now.

He straddles altered worlds, through all  dimensions.  His energy powered by anatomic matter . He spherically , systematically , chromatically and brilliantly spins into a energetic frequency , simultaneously  activating his portals , aligning each to assist. He transcends the physical as he begins his ascension hovering above and beyond . Dr of illumination, with  hands of fire incinerates the archives of separation , From the scorpions  sting ,to the reptilians wrath , to the Roman spear, he rises the seat of the wounded soul above humanities perversities. He's unassuming but assured the light worker, works the night.  as a serpent disguised  as a dove. Healer Man works beyond metatronic forces , He sees beyond  physicality's , beyond  the disguised frontal energies  . Using his  will he surrenders, dying to his own physicality . He projects  his guarded patient into a semi conscious state . With his hands as a scalpel , he slices through the matter that binds  his patient  to the confined environment of the somnambulist . 
Like a mad mathematician the alchemist Uses  breath to create the patterns of healing . The man the warrior the healer , keen in his senses , Armed in spiritual trigonometry , is one in the trinity of creation, attoned in the Sonship of an awakening humanity. His ways are unknown and cannot  be measured or  contained. He arrives disguised unrecognized by the physically  sick , the broken. Healer Man, Mad Scientist , physiological mystic, alchemically, Divinely  ,consciously transcends all  attachments . 
Incarnated in suffering , Dr. Of Light , a archetypical  man prophetically transcending the prophecy of illusion , separation and judgment , freeing his  pain filled spirit , Free of altruism , his heart caged  By pinions. dr.Divine lives in the teshuvia and is atoned by his  desire to  free  his own wounded-ness. A man split in two by a torch that petrified his naked heart. His hands of fire, a gift manifested in masculine atoning his crucifixion in the feminine. 

Dr Of Light, the alpha the omega , omnipresent,  affirmed in his "I Am " presence. Seals his healing space  as he humbly calls  upon the assistance  of his healers , guides , angels , archangels, Jesus Buddha, ascended masters. He gently begins breathing as I witness  him enter into a void  . He is  cool  in his demeanor , his mood changes, he detaches from  the physical , his appearance  becomes a facade. The  sage quietly, and fiercely armors himself. Prepared to initiate a miracle. The healing begins,  healer and patient enter a moment of willingness, Like a magician he scans the body , his hands a X-ray  detecting  emotional  pain ,  trauma  buried in layers of flesh ,  under mounds of tension, years of resentments . The enlightened  and patient become a ebb and flow .He strikes  each wound with vengeance holding it in captivity until the pain becomes unbearable,  the physical body releases it's prisoner with sounds, moans , groans cries , as  collective matriarch mother of creation giving birth ,  pleasure and  pain become one with  Each breath, with each auditory vibration, healer and healing  creates a invisible ceremonial Ring of  fire. Together entering the kingdom of one, Physician and Patient , mirroring duality,  together , their energies  become a tool for transmutation . Dr Divine silences as he  Listens to the language coming from the impaired soul .

Patient to self , healer to healed . The Metta -Physician prepared , magnetically , energetically mystically  continues dissolving all schisms of separation , breaking bonds on illusion. Like a skilled  composer , composed , poised , prepared , calmly connects to each sound energetically waits for a signal  , than strikes his baton  as his energy flows encapsulating his orchestra into  a symphony of synchronicity, a sacred concert harmonizing  two souls simultaneously ,joined in  holy matrimony. The Healer  paces  , creates healing spaces with his energetic  vibration .  Like  a metal detector looking for jeweled treasures  in a ship wrecked vessel at the bottom of the sea .The Spiritual Alchemist  reconnects  geometric misalignments of a fragmented spirit .He  seizes his patients altered ego, realigning , activating  scattered  atomic matter. With his hands as a energetic conductor begins to  awaken  each molecule  releasing lower bodies through  dimensions of light. Within his hands  contains  the universe  ,Keen in his intuition he  detects  cellular dysfunctions trapped in  black holes  the spiritualist  , Guru, Shaman ,carefully restrings misaligned DNA  .

With eyes of Compassion he gazes beyond the skeptics glare as his wounded warrior surrenders!  becoming  willing, willing to be ripped opened , split in two. reconnecting shattered fragmented matter, the magician, Metta - Man Shifted me  beyond  my  emotional barriers. Persistently and forcefully he explored behind every  soft tender place , pushing me  to the edge of my guarded  threshold , Dr. Divine ,universal mirror, My Healer, my healing, twin souls .  mystically, healing me from all my trapped emotional disturbances  residing  inside my  cells ,  forcefully, un sympathetically, yet intentionally  he pried me open , exposing my sensitivity and  wounded ego . Prince of Babylonia, challenged  me physically, yet  just to the  point of unbearable pain ,endorphins rushed over me, euphorically washing  away the Collections of energy trapped, passionately like a  lover  ravishing his beloved, 
The healer , feminine masculine , confidently  relinquished my  urge to defend . In my strength he  found  my weakness , he  massaged  my flesh in haste, confusing my senses ,  I  felt his essence move through me,  encapsulating me in a cocoon of radiant light,  protecting me,  affirming my wounded soul. Transferring  sensations ,electrical currents of energy shooting stars of geometry Transmuting every  negative cell .  
Pulsating energy reconnecting my scattered fragmented self. , He  pried me open,  a warm brilliant  light  entered into my soul . With hands of fire , he  discovered the treasure buried between my head and my heart .  He pushed me off
The edge, than invisibly  waited  to catch me , he moved me  beyond all  energetic grey matter, linking me to  new strands of DNA ,  Dark memories once trapped inside, burdened by the harsh conditions of my guarded  mind .

He  scanned me , nullified my fears , his persistence ripped away my resistance,  leaving me suspended Between illusion and reality . My body trembling with  anticipation of the next physical assault, apprehensively I began letting go,  internal heat , a billion galaxies  in his  hands, he moves through Like  a  blazing fire his hands rapidly  melted away my fears , as he gently  moved around my guarded body,  pulling , stretching , tugging my limbs,  tendons , muscles, as he prodded I surrendered ,yielding to his  energy ,allowing him to activate me , my pain became a magnetic field , as he  unraveled  me  like a spool of thread , like tiny strands of atoms circling around the nucleus of my core , causing  me to regurgitate old beliefs .  With vibrant energy, light working  through him, energetic currents  ripped through my veins, as he stood witness,  euphorically and sympathetically anticipating my future harvest , he scattered seeds of renewal over my semi conscious body, and  weeded my inner garden.  As I laid  divinely entranced in every physical  movement .

Dr. Of Light cracked my Shell, broke down my armed walls , into a million  pieces like little ripples , circling around a pebble, darkness  lifted through my  eyes , clearing My lens. Mystery man , A  quack , a jack in a box , a road runner , ran to my rescue , he disturbed my comfortable Nest , ruffled up my coiffed existence. With His hands  he  insistently tapped  on my head , poked me  , provoked me , pecking like a annoying parrot, trapped in a cell, distracted by  the sound of raindrops falling on a window pane , He agitated me as he zapped  all my internal  debris.  In  Spirit he  spoke to me, he non -verbally held  "me accountable , demanding  my willingness to relinquish the  attachment to my wounds, collected in my past, releasing me of the karmic gravity that held me in contempt, breaking the chains that bound me to past lives. visions , memories once filled with heroism, greed, wealth, Lust jealously, poverty, Torture, slavery, royalty, envy.  spears lodged in my back, remnants  of past lifetimes, all the isms attached by "schisms" vanished . The memories of abuse, assault, insult, that once separated me from my  inherent gifts dissolved into a crystallized vapor of tears . Waves of  compassion, trust, love, honor  and loyalty washed over me .beloved , and loved unified , the physician of metaphysics, metastasized my  inner beauty.
Healer Man mended my broken heart, once left to mourn the adversity of her existence. He  uncovered  the fortress that housed my wounds . Like a captain holding on to  the wheels of the Hell,  one  with his  vessel in the stormy seas . He  held on through all my noise, my constant chatter , the pitter patter ,determined to free me ,  as  each breath became harder for me to release, he  pushed harder, forcing me to use my voice to identify the pain with a sound , with each painful contraction, each  exhalation, became  an  ecstasy, energy flowing from one vessel to another, unceasing , releasing, emptying into a void, creating  a gap ,an  empty space ,  left for a future of dreams to awaken. Healed, Renewed, untainted, un harmed, United through intention, solar unification, universal oneness , the  uncommon and common, emerging in universes,  colliding into a bliss filled moment.  Divinely  Aware of the  present, abandoning the past yet  simultaneously, rapidly abandoning  the mockery of the mental conditions caused by the human condition. My mind once wounded in perception of separation , conceived  a new seed. No  longer wondering in the dark looking for a lighthouse, light and dark, hand and healer , emerging  as one. Dr. Of Hope, king of kings, prince of peace , avenger and scavenger, never gave  up, or gave in, with each new breath, the he, the she ,  became we ,me ,  the heroine , the protagonist the antagonist, one role, one symphony, Hand, brush,  artist , canvas, all one  creating a masterpiece .

Healer and healed companions  of light, a million stars illuminating against one magnificent sky. In heaven as is on earth,  healed, forever  altered, forever changed, forever connected, Forever one!
Shining light Shining bright ! Birthing  a new reality !

Namaste , My Friend , Divinely Deanna .......

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