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Ressurection Therapy

Awaken Spirituality     Balance Emotions     Clear Trauma/Stress   Increase Mental Clarity

Enjoy Sexual Well Being Create Fulfilling Relations   Activate Financial Freedom

Individual ·  Group · In Person ·  By Phone · In Call/Out Call        Cell  (513) 289-3030

Resurrection Therapy ™ Practitioner Training


Decide to Drop Life Dramas     Choose to Succeed

Agree to Allow Troubled Parts of Your Psyche To Be Given Assistance 

List things Participant Is Ready To Leave In Old Paradigm

Schedule: 7-10 PM

Prerequisites–Philosophy –Procedures–Agreement–Detoxifying Symptoms  

Group Attunement to Restore Higher Vibrations to Receive Knowledge & Healing 

Demo Session of Resurrection Therapy Gifted To Sponsor by Barry Helm

Activation Ceremony:   Dedication Intent to Be a Conduit of Divine Flow

Invocation:      Clear Channels to Act as a Healing Vehicle

                                      Opening Intuition and Enlightenment Centers

                                                             Claim Spirit’s Initiation: Call Source from Highest Realms (Dream Time Intent)                                                   

Following Day 10 AM – 5 PM

Invocation – Body Procedure Ritual Demo

Spiritual Ritual Demo: Rid Aura of Disturbed and Interfering Vibrations

Choose Partner to Do Practice Sessions (Barry Helm oversees and instructs)

Healthy Lunch Served at Seminar location – Partner Rotation in Practice Sessions

Integration of Process with Discussion – Closing Prayer

Suggested Invocation: I invoke the Beings who assist you and your Higher Self and the Beings who assist me and my Higher Self. I also invoke any Teachers, Masters, Guides, the Four Directions, Elementals, Angels and Archangels who can assist in love for the highest good and the healing energies of the Earth Mother and Universal Healing Energies. I invoke Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness and any other consciousness with which we are compatible. This Ritual Channeling is done in the name of God/Goddess Creator of All That Is.

Bring comfortable clothing such as work out shorts and a loose tee-shirt and rattles, drums, chimes, stones, crystal/Tibetan bowl to use in practice sessions.

Client Agreement for Resurrection Therapy ™

I realize that _______________________ is acting as a spiritual agent channeling clearing energy on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.
I agree to receive assistance focused on clearing repressed issues relating to physical, mental, sexual and emotional discomfort and trauma.
I understand to accomplish deep clearing, physical contact may be involved on any part of my body and this is not done with sexual intention.
The spiritual clearing work or events by Barry Helm are not to be misconceived as a medical diagnosis or the curing of disease.
I accept I may have detoxifying symptoms in this process.

Signed: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Date:__________________________________________________________________________________________________

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