Resurrection Therapy™


Psychic ·  Channel  ·  Bodyworker  ·  Healer

Resurrection Therapy

  • Awaken Spirituality

  • Balance Emotions

  • Clear Trauma/Stress

  • Increase Mental Clarity

  • Enjoy Sexual Well Being

  • Create Fulfilling Relations

  • Activate Financial Freedom

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Resurrection Therapy™ Private Sessions Conducted by Barry Helm

Philosophy and Process of Resurrection Therapy™

This radiant new paradigm incorporates a procedure to attain ultimate health, revitalization at the cellular level, self-actualization, and personal empowerment. This incorporates Integrative Medicine in which the worlds of ancient eastern and modern western technology bring together the components of holistic treatment.  

By reading the client vibrationally, the Resurrection Therapy practitioner channels messages from spiritual guidance to relieve blocks due to injury, stress and trauma in the spiritual, mental, physical, and etheric bodies. Energy flows into the Heart-Head-Body-Spirit Connection to clear emotional blocks, balance thoughts/beliefs, relieve causes/symptoms of disease and open the meridians. The client is reassured in a non-judgmental space to use these tools to help him/her let go and relax. This is accomplished by disrupting the status quo of the Cellular Memory.  Holding patterns of rigidity are replaced by being in the flow. 


When emotional, mental or physical pain exists, the tendency is to try to maintain equilibrium by unconsciously tensing up. This false sense of control is counterproductive and binds this static energy field of pain in place. With rapid jolting physical gestures, combined with breath, tone, sound/silence and verbal instruction, the energy is unlocked and is challenged into movement. It becomes too difficult to hold onto the painful events or relationships from the past, present and future. The linear perspective of time is replaced by multi-dimensional awareness where all experience takes place simultaneously. Resurrection Therapy acts as a form of shock treatment blasting the “accustomed norm” out of the client’s recorded experience.


Resurrection Therapy is a phenomena of Vibrational Medicine which optimally reprograms the electrical, magnetic and chemical alchemy to restore balance of opposites. By synergistically balancing the duality of resistance and surrender, the yin and yang aspects are brought into wholeness. For example: Some clients need to learn how to let go of the defense posture of the protector; others, who have a passive or victim consciousness, need to learn to resist dominating authority, set boundaries and be motivated into more intentional, assertive action.


By applying the procedures in Resurrection Therapy, true/authentic internal control can be restored and emotions of grief, sadness, fear and anger integrated. Obsessive behaviors, self-denial, self-doubt, self-sabotage and dysfunctional relationships are then replaced by “Joyful Beingness.” The client is more fully alive in the “Now.” Deeper transitional work is required to create a quantum shift into the higher levels spiritual attunement. Enlightenment can only be facilitated when core issues and patterns are cleared.  Present Moment Consciousness allows a metamorphosis for harmonizing greater transformation. The client wakes up from unconsciousness into “Super Consciousness.”  

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Resurrection Therapy ™  

Areas of Focus for Client Benefit in Resurrection Therapy™ 

Circulatory System           Spiritual Body               Cellular/Genetic           

Lymph System                 Physical Body               Past Lives                

Intestinal System             Mental Body                  Future Lives 

Skeletal System              Aura/Chakra System     Parallel Realities

Nervous System             Multi-Dimensions           Harmonics/ Word Imprints

Organs/Glands               Acupuncture Points       Brain/Body Chemistry   

Jaw/Teeth/Sinus             Meridians                       Sacred Geometric Symbols

Muscles/Tendons/ Ligaments/Connective Tissue 

Procedures in Resurrection Therapy

Gentle Shaking                                 Elbowing

Tapping Rib                                       Tickling

Poking with Fingertips                     Palm Pressure

Popping Knuckles                            Feather Touching

Kneading                                           Knuckling

Gentle Rotation Joints                     Joint Stretching

Energy Sweeping                              Body Brushing/Aura Brushing

Gem Stones Lay Outs                       Rocking (Gentle and Firm)

Smudging with Sage and Aromas   Verbalized Sounds

Drumming, Rattle, Chimes               Laughter/Crying/Sighing/Groaning

Possible Detoxifying Symptoms from Mind/Body/Spirit Healing

Headache                     Intestinal Clearing                    Disorientation                                     

Soreness                      Menstrual Fluctuation             Thirst

Nausea                         Rashes                                     Involuntary Movement       

Sweating                      Draining of Sinuses                Loss of Control

Tingling/Twitching     Coughing as Lungs Clear       Appetite Changes  

Ears popping              Irritability/Mood Swings         Muscle Cramps/Spasm             

Shaking/ Chills           Anxiety                                     Victim Pattern

Disorientation            Temperature Variances          Unworthiness Issues            

Flu–like Symptoms   Weakness                                 Temporary Exhaustion

Advantages of Resurrection Therapy Evolutionary Process

Epiphany                      Self–realization                    Mental Clarity

Improved Memory      Knowing Instilled                  Enhanced Creativity

More Vitality               Better Quality of Life            Healthier Relationships

Improved Sexual Function         Increased Abundance and Financial Flow

Post Resurrection Therapy

Drink increased amounts of water; Hydration is imperative.  Rest! Take it easy on yourself. Maintain a balance of work and play.

Be patient with the healing changes of your mind, body and spirit.  


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