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Spiritual Medium in Kentucky

My Personal Experience

"I first had a 15-minute session with Barry at a Reno Psychic Fair last year where I was doing Clairvoyant Readings in my booth across the way from him.  I had my session right out in the open with everyone walking by.  The reason I decided to try was because I saw the energy of a woman leaving his table, and it was incredible.  This caught my attention, so I left my booth and asked her on the side:  "What was that all about?" 

Her reply:  "I have gone to Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Healers and a lot of other people my entire life, but in 20 minutes, that man managed to find and relieve pain from my body that I have not been able to release for 20 years.  See this arm?  I couldn't move it and none of my doctors have been able to help me.  20 minutes with him and now I can roll it around pain free.  So, since I have to leave now, I've invited to fly him out to Palm Springs tomorrow to do a full session on me".

That's all I needed to hear.  After my own healing (of 15 minutes or so), I too was so impressed (relieved of pain), that I could have cared less that I sounded a little weird on the table (breathing/releasing techniques) or had people looking at me as I was rolled and pushed around a massage table, sometimes screeching, laughing and drooling. 

I scheduled another (finish up) session the next day at the Fair, and then another session in Ojai when our schedules coincided this January.

Barry reminded me of a combination of a Shaman, Psychic Surgeon, Clairvoyant Massage Therapy Chiropractic Mystic ... easy to say a modern-day High Priest of sorts. 

The Process?

With both of you sitting, he scans you and your body first with his hands, then you get on a massage table, clothed (I close my eyes to watch clairvoyantly), while he proceeds to go over your entire body.  He will touch, push, lift, wiggle, pinch, manipulate, move, smudge, hot stone, breathe ... whatever is needed and he moves very quickly.  If stuck, he will ask you to breathe a certain way.  My body was "stuck" and I had a lot of energy lined up to release. 

Be aware that he may touch you in personal places ... places that have stuck energy.  This is not the type of session to be modest about.

My massages and chiropractic adjustments hadn't been taking the way they used to and his adjustment helped me release the stuck energy and get back to receiving relief.  He works on many levels ... emotional, physical, spiritual ... and I'm sure the rest of them (astral, causal, mental).

For me, I had a lot of mucous from my lungs released the first day (I did not know that I had been inhaling carbon monoxide where I was staying until a few months later).  My spine "took" the release and he was able to find spots of pain on my body that were almost excruciating, but within moments released pain-free.  (By the time your body cries out, it's over and you may find yourself laughing until he finds another hot spot).

So, Barry has agreed to block two hours for him to be with us, and I have guaranteed him at least one paid hour (which I will utilize if no-one else wishes to have a session at this time), guaranteeing him an hour.  He has offered a slight discount if more attend.

I'm a spiritual explorer ... I like to see and experience who is doing what out there in my lifetime.  For me, it helps to remind me of what we are all here for and what we are all capable of doing.  If you have that same curiosity, this is a great opportunity for you to experience this type of energy work, without having to receive a full session. 

I have explained to Barry that because of the price, some of you may just wish to "try" 5 minutes first, and at his next visit (if he returns), book a longer session.  This is a great opportunity for you to experience for yourself."

Hello Barry.

This is B P, J's husband and I just wanted to send you a note, thanking you for the recent bodywork and metaphysical healing sessions with my family. It all started when J first met you at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo this past March in Chicago. The story is impressive on how she came to your booth and what happened from there was truly amazing. When Juilee came home from the show, she could not wait to share the experience, but because it was so profound, it was difficult for her to explain what actually happened.

I must admit (as I am sure your know) I am supportive of whatever J wants to do, but at the same time, I am somewhat apprehensive of your (and others) services within your industry. My guardedness certainly isn't any ones doing, it is simply from my ignorance of your practice. With that said, the thing that is most important to me in life is the health, happiness and well-being of my family.

You have made my bride very happy and for that I am grateful to you. The experiences she has had seem to have moved her spiritually to a whole new level. I am very happy that she has had the opportunity to experience your work and I too look forward to meeting you someday. Many thanks and I hope that you have a great Holiday weekend.  Regards, B P



"I recently had a session with Barry Helm.  The results were nothing short of amazing.  When I got off the table, I felt as if every molecule in my body had been rearranged.  It was difficult to walk across the room because my body & mind were no longer what they used to be.  A long-standing problem with my shoulder felt much better immediately & continued into the next day and beyond.  The most unusual result I experienced was that my tendency toward hoarding (lots of stacks of paper & information all over my house) felt released so that I finally began throwing away stacks of paper that had been sitting around for I won’t say how long!  I felt that my attachment to them had shifted, and confident in knowing that if it was something I needed to access in the future, I would be able to do so through methods more productive than hoarding in a pile.  Clearing my house of clutter no longer seems like a daunting, overwhelming task.  My mental attitude has shifted; it all seems fairly easy to decide now what to keep or toss; I’ve lost my attachment to and fear of “being without”; and although I’m still saving a little as I sort through my piles, I am throwing away much more than I ever thought possible, and can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel (or the floor underneath the piles!).  The experience of releasing my “precious information” to the universe has been quite liberating and almost enjoyable for the first time in my life!  Thank you so much, Barry!" MG

"Dear Barry, I want to thank you for the work you did on me at Mt. Shasta. I am having a big cleansing right now and look forward to coming out on the other side of the rainbow. It was so amazing to release so much trapped tragedy as you put it. When I saw my chiropractor, he was in amazement at my clarity. Best personal regards." VFW

"Dear Barry, Thanks for helping me. I feel quite rejuvenated and full of hope and joy. The sciatica pain is almost gone. In fact, it really doesn't show up as real pain anymore, just stiffness in that leg. Please let me know when you are coming through this area. I'd like to go further." R.

"Dear Barry, Thanks for the reading in Atlanta at the Expo. So far you have been most accurate (with Spirit) in your predictions. Thanks to you and your guides. Blessings of Peace!" M
"Dear Barry, Thank you so much for helping me. You put the joy back into my heart. I have been through tragedy after tragedy and you helped me get rid of a lot of pain." 

 "Dear Barry, Thank you for your call. I like to tell you, you did a very good work on me. I feel like a new person, my back pain is almost gone and my old mind is gone. Thank you so much. Sorry for my English, but you know I'm from Germany. God bless you and good luck . E"

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